Combine Content Marketing with PPC to Grow Your Business

August 30, 2018

Content marketing has taken the world by a storm. Today the biggest companies are investing heavily in content marketing. A study suggests that content marketing is over 62% cheaper compared to conventional outbound marketing. However, it still generates over three times the leads for a small business. (Source)

Pay Per Click

With such an awesome ROI, investment in content marketing is a big no-brainer for the digital marketing experts. It gives you several benefits over conventional marketing techniques in its natural form. However, you can always find ways to help it perform better. You can now combine the power of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns with content marketing to achieve overwhelmingly positive results in an extremely short period.

The Benefits of the Combination

Here are 5 benefits of combining your content marketing and PPC efforts

  1. Better Keyword Selection

With your attention focused on two extremely correlated practices, you will most likely select the keywords more judiciously. With a selection of better keywords, you can easily make sure that your content gets more and more hits on the web.

  1. More Exposure

Your SEO will see a direct impact of the stronger link between PPC and content marketing. If you choose the right keywords, your content will show up on the search engine results more frequently and amongst the top contenders. Research suggests that the top 3 links on the Google search results will most likely get over 66% of the clicks! (Source)

  1. Stronger Content

With a focus on SEO, PPC and content marketing, your content will automatically get more streamlined and thematic. When the content on your website gets stronger with time, you will have to invest less amount of time as well as money in outbound marketing.

  1. More Data for Analysis

With a more streamlined approach, you will get more uniform data for analysis. This data will help you pick up trends and invest in the most suitable techniques that work in favour of your business.

  1. Effective Social Media Marketing

All these effects will directly help you strengthen the social media marketing efforts.

So now that you know the benefits of the combination let us discuss how to combine PPC and content marketing.

Combining Content Marketing and PPC

First Things First: Focus on Great Content

Before we combine the content marketing and PPC efforts make sure that you have great content waiting for your audience on the other side of the ad campaign. Without engaging content, people will likely hit the back button as soon as they see the page first. It is also important that you focus on the aesthetic appeal of the content. If you have great content but not good looks for the website, your ad campaign will fail miserably.

Search Engine Optimization

A focus on great content comes from having a customer-centric approach towards value addition. For a growing business, it is a good idea to focus more on the informative content rather than promotional content. Research suggests that over a third of the total traffic for a website comes directly from blogs. (Source)

Focus on Integrating the Social Media Aspect

Once you have successfully created engaging and informative content, it is time to bring the social media aspect into the picture. Before the content builds traction on the search engine, you will have to put in efforts to share the blog/article several times. As a growing business, you must actively share the content on all social media platforms.

Social sharing sites

You can use tools like Slack to share the content regularly and more effectively with a single click. The platform allows you to schedule as well as share content on multiple platforms in an instant. Using these tools will increase your efficiency and time management prospects exponentially.

Run Ads on Target Pages

Let’s take a small example here. Let’s say that you own a company that manufactures tires. Now, when you are choosing ad spaces for the PPC campaigns, which space will you choose? A less popular one that offers automotive products or an extremely popular one that sells facial beauty products?

Seems like a no-brainer to choose the automotive product website, right? Although it is pretty simple, most people will likely choose the website that has more visitors. Under such circumstances, these people are compromising the quality of leads generated from the campaign. Although their PPC campaign might generate a lot of clicks, it will most likely not generate any sales.

On the other hand, choosing a space on a less popular website for automotive products will generate considerably lesser leads, but will generate more sales. Also, you will most likely be able to purchase the space on the less popular page at a fairly low price, thereby increasing your ROI significantly.

The right combination of content marketing techniques over a fine well-defined strategy with PPC will help you truly redefine your digital marketing efforts.

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