How to rank your site to Bing Search engine?

October 3, 2018

Google is the only name comes in our mind when it’s about ranking and traffic generation. Bing is the second most used Search engine and when it comes to realization, it can also give increase in traffic at some extent. Bing occupies third portion of the market that is pretty much high. One of the well-known advantages is its sharper and higher quality images in the search results page, it offers different image layouts like Tall, Wide or Square and apart from its functionality it has some great filter options too.

Search engine ranking criterias

With a grid of thumbnails, it displays everything so clearly. With the integration of Social media with the SERPs, Bing is a sure shot winner. Google has its own importance where Bing wins the race in personal preferences. Basically, Bing is the latest name for Microsoft’s search engine. Bing gives more autocomplete suggestions than the Google that is helpful in finding more alternative products.

Adding Bing in your SEO strategy is a wise decision as the competition is lower there. You can expect higher spot in the search results with web traffic on Bing than on Google. For the paid advertising, Bing proves itself much cheaper than Google that can make a hole in your pocket when someone clicks your ad. If you are a business owner and want to increase your local visibility, then Bing places for business can help you in doing so. Even the free business listing service gives you the chance to upload the vital information like Contact information, Opening hours, Website link, photos and more to find you.

Bing allows you to rank your website higher in the Search engines easily. Both search engines value relevant content, Well placed optimized keywords with higher ranking of big brands and responsiveness with the consideration of backlinks for website. It is more transparent about their ranking factors and made it even easier by Bing Webmaster Guidelines.

Bing content ranking factors

On Bing, On-page SEO is the king as the off-page SEO follows only good On-page SEO. Link building, RSS feed subscription box, Blog commenting, Guest posting, Forum posting are important but they can only be achieved with a clean on-page SEO having Optimized Meta tags, URL structures, Friendly navigation, Internal linking, Text formatting and Mobile optimization with high quality of content optimization. Bng gives value to the content that is Multimedia rich with Graphs, images and Internal linking with pretty much knowledge of understanding.

Any kind of shady SEO practice i.e., Link schemes, Cloaking, Social media, Paid links, Duplicate content, Overly advertised pages, Link farming and its manipulation is not accepted by Bing. The users are somehow more loyal to the search engine.

Optimization of the Meta tags is an important factor for CTR (Click through Rate) and ranking, however, Search engines deny this fact at some extent. Focus on the exact match domains in the Title, Description, Content, HTML and Headings. Yes, Bing values mobile-friendliness but with a bit different approach unlike Google made it compulsory. It puts lesser importance to the links comparatively. HTTPs is not a ranking factor but Bing counts Social signals (Shares, Likes, tweets) for the ranking.

Tips to rank better in the Bing:

  1. The use of tags should be effective.
  2. Bing gives a high priority to the Meta descriptions, try to keep that in 25 to 150 characters in length.
  3. Index your pages from the starting to Bing webmaster. Upload your sitemap to the webmaster tools.
  4. txt file should not be added to the content that you may want to be indexed.
  5. No matter how deeper the users are going into your site but the homepage should be away from just 4-5 clicks. Site’s architecture matters a lot as the URL structure does short and concise.

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