Get your free Bing coupon codes today that can help you to run the PPC advertisements on the Bing, Yahoo and other search networks. Search ads are easy to target and tracking with some major profits as well. Bing Webmaster Tools are similar to the Google Search Console that allows you to crawl the errors on your website and also shows its visibility in the search results.

Benefits of Bing and its Coupon codes:

  1. It has reached over 142 billion searchers on the Bing network.
  2. 34% of the Search marketplace is present in the Bing.
  3. Coupon codes have expiration dates that come up with certain requirements with future costs.

How to add a promotional offer?

  1. Click on the Settings and click Accounts and Billing section.
  2. Tap on the Payments Methods tab
  3. Click Add card
  4. Enter your Bing promotional code
  5. Select your Country/region that is your card’s billing address and click next
  6. Enter the payment information, click next

Your Bing Coupon codes can have any one of the following status:

  • Active: When your promotional offer is successfully redeemed, and you can track your credit balance.
  • Expired: The offer has expired and is no longer valid.
  • Depleted: You have exhausted your promotional credit.
  • Needs payment method: You must have a payment method on file to redeem a promotional offer.
  • Pending: If you have two valid offers, one will be pending while the other is active. After the active offer is expired or depleted, the pending offer will become active.

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