Beware! Your Device’s security is in threat as per Google

January 22, 2019
android spyware

Google has recently noticed a spyware that works as stealing data from some popular Social Media Applications. According to Google security, the Play Store Protect Security team has discovered this spyware named “Tizi” in September 2017. This app will be stealing your sensitive information from Call records and Social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and even it also takes pictures from mobile phones without displaying on the Device screen.

What is Tizi?

It is an application that is a fully featured backdoor allows installation of spyware to steal data from Social media applications. On 27th November 2017 Google has removed this application from Play Store after being notified of suspicious activities.

What does this application Tizi do?

It is a common commercial spyware which hacks the data from Call logs, Sending or receiving SMS messages, Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, accessing of calendar events, call logs, contacts, photos and even Wi-Fi encryption keys with a list of all installed apps. The most harmful effect of this Tizi app is it can record ambient sound (atmosphere or background noise like wind, water, birds, crowds etc.) and taking images without any notification.

Even if Tizi app is not able to take control of a device, still it’ll be performing some actions to get the data of the phone. Windows user will not be affected, finally something good.

Targets of Tizi:

There was an app for daily workout named as (com.dailyworkout.tizi) which is a fitness brand from Kenya. and com.system.update.systemupdate are likely a generic fake system update app. There are total 1,300 devices that are affected from Tizi and a huge number of users are from Kenya. This app is basically targeting Social media by encouraging third-party applications that are not safe for sure.

How to prevent this spyware “Tizi”?
  1. Remove the spy software with a Factory reset option.
  2. Take the backup of your data like contacts, music, photos etc.
  3. You can also remove the software manually.
  4. Using password lock feature, password app and installation of Security app can help you.
  5. Use Antivirus software.
  6. Never insert USB cable after predicting anything suspicious in the Cell phone.
  7. Turn your Bluetooth OFF.
  8. Think twice before using Public Wi-Fi networks, use a VPN.
  9. Never check your Bank account details while using Private Wi-Fi.
  10. Remember to log out from every personal account.

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