Best Tactics to Save More Money on Your G Suite Account

Monty Sharma
February 6, 2019
G Suite Business promo code

If you are planning to migrate to G Suite account, you must have considered the costs involved. The basic G Suite costs $5 per user per month that offers 30GB of storage. Google offers two G Suite versions targeted for businesses – G Suite Business that costs $10 per user per month that offers enhanced office Suite with unlimited space for archiving and storage. The Enterprise G Suite edition costs around $25 per user per month which offers premium advanced office Suite with advanced controls and capabilities. Though the prices charged are nominal, businesses with large employee base would be required to pay a significant amount to enjoy perks of cloud computing.

The pricing should not be a dampener to your cloud migration plans as there are different ways to save money on your G Suite account.

Use the Promo Code

Google offers a 20% discount to new users migrating to G Suite. When you register for G Suite you are provided a promo code that entitles you to receive 20% discount on your first 12 invoices. It is quite easy to get the G Suite Promo code and all you have to do is enter your email address and select your country and Google will email you the G Suite Business promo code in your email.

To get the 20% discount, you have to enter the promo code while entering billing related information and you will see the total monthly fee of G Suite reduced by 20%.

Consolidate Multiple Domains into One G Suite Account

If you are having 3 small businesses (domains) you would be required to have one separate email address for each that means three Gmail licenses. However, G Suite has a unique feature where you can consolidate multiple domains into one G Suite account. Instead of purchasing 3 Gmail licenses; you can consolidate all three domains into one G Suite account.  You can create 3 different email aliases in your account and operate these email accounts independently. This way you can save up to 65% on Gmail licenses and also an additional 20% by using the G Suite Business promo code.

Switch to Annual Billing

You can save up to 17% more by switching to annual billing. Though you are locked in for a year, the 17% more savings makes it a worthy consideration. There are several advantages of annual billing like you are not required to make payments towards G Suite account every month which is kind of more convenient. Since you have already opted for an annual plan, you will consider G Suite a long-term email system and productivity tool and get inspired to get the most out of it.

Transfer your account to G Suite reseller

Even after you have received 20% discount on G Suite pricing for one year, you can get an additional discount by transferring the account to a G Suite reseller. It means you will enjoy G Suite at reduced prices even after completion of a year. To get this discount, you need to contact any reseller in the Google directory and mention that you have already signed up for G Suite and wish to transfer your G Suite account to them. In most cases, the reseller would be able to provide you discount in the range of 5% to 10% for transferring your G Suite account to them.

This kind of partnership deal is a win-win situation for both parties as the G Suite reseller would be able to get a decent 10% margin even after giving you a 10% discount. This is a good technique to save money on G Suite in the second year when the 20% discount will not be available.

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