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October 1, 2018
cydia impactor

Before getting into the details about the right apps for Cydia Impactor, we need to understand as what exactly it is all about. Basically, it is a GUI (graphic user interface) tool which could be helpful for working with various mobile phones and devices. It has some built-in features of its own. However, there are still in the development stage and could be considered as a work in progress. It has been developed by Saurik and is quite popular. The Cydia Impactor can be used as a useful and handy tool for installing various IPA files on iOS and also for installing APK files in Android. There are many who consider this to be a jailbreak tool though it actually is not so.

However, there is no denying the fact that there are some specific things which you must know as far as this tool is concerned. This will help you in choosing the best apps for Cydia Impactor which could be sideloaded into various third-party apps. This is done by making use of the various .ipa files inside our iOS devices. The list of such third party apps is quite big and for almost all of them Cydia could come in handy.

Some Common Features About Cydia Impactor

It would be pertinent to mention here that this tool is always in a state of development. However, in spite of being in a development state, it does have some useful features which are being used by thousands of end users. Let us look at a few of them for the benefit of our readers:

Bridging of connections – The impactor helps in easing bridge connections between computer and iPad or iPhone. It allows you to restart connection after disconnecting if you so desire. But for this, you should be able to identify the port number to begin with. It also could be used for rooting of Android mobile devices. If you have a lower version of Android (2.3 and below) you can make use of Impactor and push the version up to v5.0. It is a simple process and all that you have to do is to install Cydia Impactor and have the Android device connected to your computer. Start the computer and the Android phone and the process of the update will be completed fast.

Apart from the above, it also could be used for unlocking bootloader and it could help in unlocking and locking he same quite efficiently and speedily. It also can be used

Which Apps Work

Apple is very particular about the kind of apps where jailbreaking and sideloading of various apps is becoming extremely tough. However, if you have Cydia Impactor you can still use it to sideload applications which normally not available in the App store. The best thing about Cydia is that it works well both on Mac and Window. We will look at some of the apps which may not be in Playstore (Apple) which can be sideloaded using Cydia Impactor. A few of the apps may be controversial but they still continue to be quite popular.

After School

This is a controversial app which is not available on Apple Play Store. After School, is an app that is basically aimed at school students. However, it was banned by Apple Play store because it was being used for making anonymous posts. It supposedly had some objectionable content and could be used for personal attacks. But even today many people use sideloading tools including perhaps Cydia Impactor to have this loaded into Apple devices.

Rich Kids

This is a highly objectionable and controversial app which is banned by Apple but even today it can be sideloaded. Only those who can afford a monthly membership fee of Euro 1000 would be able to make posts in it. That is the reason it might have been named as Rich Kids. There was another similar app which also was banned by Apple Play Store.

Apart from these, there are some apps which are based on religious fundamentalism and apps which share some interesting light on Apple’s supply chain which also perhaps could be sideloaded using Cydia Impactor. Apart from the above, there are some gaming apps which can be sideloaded with some extra features which could make the users become more efficient and they could reach higher levels of success through them.

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