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Alert for all Aadhar card users by Government of India

By Yogesh Gaur on September 13, 2018

If you have not yet linked your mobile number to the base then it is good news for you. Now you do not have to go to the stores of the telecom companies for the re-verification of your number. You can do this work while sitting at home.

Let you know that the Government of India has made it necessary for all the mobile users to link their Aadhar card with the mobile number. The last date for linking mobile number to Aadhar card is 6 February 2018. With whom all telecom companies are sending notifications to their customers. If you do not link the mobile number, your number will be closed.

Since December 1, the process of linking Aadhar card with the mobile number has become easy for the user. You will now be able to perform a base verification through the One Time Password (OTP). Know what you have to do next.

To link your number base first, visit the website of UIDAI.

After this, you will find many options, one of which will be Verify Email / Mobile Number, click on it.

Clicking on this will take you to another web page. Here you have to enter your base number, email, mobile number and security code (given). Fill these details and click ‘Get one-time password’

After this, an OTP will come to your mobile number Fill this OTP in the OTP segment which appears on the page and clicks on the Verify button.

After this, a message of congratulation will come on your screen and the process of re-verification will be completed.

Remember, this OTP can be validated only by those numbers which are already available in the databases of your base. If you have to verify the number of whose information is not provided in the Aadhaar card, then you will have to go to the nearest service provider’s store.

The Government will automatically record any illegal activity so beware while doing anything.


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