Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges online marketers face today. Often, marketers find it difficult to create engaging and impactful ad campaigns because the platforms and tools they use are either too complicated or too expensive.

But today, cost-effective and easy-to-use digital advertising tools are not that rare to find. Ads-Supply.com is one of them.

What is the AdsSupply platform?

AdsSupply is a self-service online advertising platform that allows marketers, from newbies to experienced veterans, to create beautiful, customized banner advertising campaigns and earn commissions on a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) basis. Marketers can sign-up on the platform and run ads for online advertisers in various categories and niches. Every time a lead is generated, the marketer is paid a portion of the ad revenue. In this AdsSupply review, we’ll take a closer look at this new platform.

How can you start advertising?

AdsSupply makes the entire process of creating a new banner ad campaign simple and straightforward. Once you log into the AdsSupply website, you need to register yourself to start using the platform.

Once your account’s set-up, you’re taken to the dashboard. The AdsSupply dashboard offers a 360-degree view into your banner advertising campaigns, your account, your campaign reports, your cash balance, and more.

To run ads for online advertisers, you need to choose the type of campaign you’d like to run (note that the minimum deposit amount is $200, but we’ll get to that in a second). AdsSupply offers two campaign types – the pre-generated campaigns available in the “Marketplace” and the customized campaigns.

Marketplace: On the dashboard, click on “Marketplace.” You’ll be taken to a page with hundreds of pre-developed banner ad templates of different industries and niches. Select the industry you want to create an ad for, and you’ll get a set of industry-specific templates. Once you choose a template, you can preview it or purchase the banner ad directly. Next, select “Purchase,” fill in the campaign’s name, and that’s about it. Yes, it’s that simple. The campaign automatically gets launched. The banner ad will contain an engaging tagline and text, with a link back to your advertiser.

Custom: Go to the dashboard and choose the “Custom Campaign” option. Type in the name of the campaign and select the duration of it. Choose the industry/category and enter your campaign’s budget. You’ll be shown a list of templates that you need to choose from. Now, here’s a neat perk that AdsSupply offers – you can select the targeting parameters and customize the ad to your exact target audience type (for instance, target specific countries). Finally, choose a headline for the ad and launch your campaign.


AdsSupply offers numerous packages that marketers can choose from. The Starter account is the most budget-friendly and offers a 10% welcome value add-on. It comes with a platform guide and comprehensive campaign reporting.

The Silver package comes with everything in the Starter one, plus one live training session and a 15% welcome value add-on.

Then there is the Gold package, which offers the benefits of the Silver, but with a whopping 25% welcome value add-on.

What we found refreshing was that unlike other banner ad creation and advertising tools (or platforms), we could run campaigns with as little as a $200 deposit.

How can you make money using the platform?

AdsSupply works on a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) basis, which means that you get paid for every lead you generate. In a way, this platform works like an online lead generation network that helps marketers, whether new in the online marketing world or experienced, make extra (or full-time) income from home, depending on the number of fresh leads they generate.

Different industries offer different CPL rates for marketers. AdsSupply allows you to work for whoever you want, and you can create campaigns for any industry available on the platform. So, you can choose to create campaigns for the advertiser who pays you the highest. You can also use the campaign reports to identify how well your campaigns are working, and this can help you select the better-performing industries/categories more frequently.

Our experience with AdsSupply

We found AdsSupply to be quite user-friendly. It’s easy to switch between pages and campaigns, and the campaign creation process is simple and straightforward, even for inexperienced marketers.

Overall, AdsSupply is a very accessible platform for banner ad campaign creation. Go ahead and try it out.