Regardless of the size and pattern, the bottom line (online/offline) for any business would be accumulating quality leads and stimulating the conversion. People often get disturbed by the sales calls promoting offers and offerings, but that is not the only method to generate leads.

Therefore, generating quality leads is essential in the first place for businesses to earn revenue. 

 A lead is nothing but a potential buyer of your product. People interested in your product will surely reach out to you and place queries regarding the offerings and benefits.

You can also answer your product through surveys and personalized mailers to people who have recently visited your website.

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Definition of Lead Generation process

The basic idea of Lead Generation is to lure potential customers and converting them to loyal buyers. You can generate leads for your business through multiple ways- like job posts, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

The reason behind Lead Generation

Acquiring sales is not only the sole purpose behind Lead Generation. Lead Generation also smoothens multiple business operations. Again, converting leads makes way for sales augmentation without which a business can’t sustain the market jolt for long.

To survive the cutting-edge competition, companies should keep working on improvising their business strategies in sync with the Lead Generation process. This is an open secret to increase your client base. When an unknown person comes up and shows interest in your product/service, and you convert him/her to your customer-this, the entire circle gets completed through the Lead Generation process.

The lead Generation process falls under the Inbound Marketing strategy. So, you have to know about the inbound marketing methodology before jumping on to lead Generation.

What is Lead Generation Marketing?

You can adopt multiple channels to bring traffic towards your landing page and generate leads, yet these channels create confusion at times. All you have to do is to find out the right track as per your business requisite. Now take a look at how would you do that-

1. Content

People see your content before they spend on your product. Similarly, you can’t generate leads without having relevant and attractive content on your landing page, which means that content holds critical importance in Lead Generation.

Content acts as a tour guide of offerings through which people can have an insight into it. The more you add value to your content, the higher numbers of quality lead you can clutch. Make sure you complete and compliment your range with a suitable Call-to-action (CTA) every time.

2. Ads

Advertisement is an integral part of business promotion and spreading brand awareness. Online lead ads are curated explicitly for Lead Generation purposes. Therefore, your ads should convey the same subject matter in a nutshell, which will be elaborated on the landing page. Else, the campaign won’t return the result.

Make sure your ads should be informative and interactive.

3. Email

Many would disagree, yet we can’t deny the pivotal role of Email Marketing in lead generation. Emails with a little personal touch act like an emotional string between brands and their existing users or somehow know your product. For remarketing and customer retention, Email marketing has no parallel. Ascertain that your target audience has subscribed to your mailers so that you grab maximum conversion.

4. Social Media

For small and big business promotion, no other marketing methods can beat social media platforms. From Lead Generation to up your traffic volume- platforms are no less than a magic wand for boosting sales performance give you have chosen the right social media platform for your brand promotion.

5. Product Trials

You must go for product trials if you want your product to be promoted well. Highlighting your product insights before your target audience would be the best method towards Lead Generation.

Afore-said parameters suggest the best ways to generate your business leads. Now we would like to discuss the flow chart of the Lead Generation through which marketers convert potential visitors to permanent buyers-

Lead Generation Process Flow Chart?

Lead Generation Process Flow Chart

Entice – While describing your promotional plan and campaign strategy, you have to create an enticing presentation throughout the Lead Generation process. To convert unknown people into loyal buyers, is the first step that one should ever consider.

Transform – Lead Generation process is interwoven in and around, grabbing potential target groups and transforming them into delighted customers. Thus, make sure that you don’t keep any loopholes in lead form, landing pages, and even call-to-actions. A single slip in strategizing could be a faux pas.

Drive – The next step is about producing leads moving towards the cart and hit the check out button with an engaging and relatable portfolio.

Happy face – You have to religiously concentrate on the buyers’ satisfaction so that you can clutch the retention simultaneously.

Steps Involved in Online Lead Generation Process

Now let us share a brief introduction carrying the steps involved in the online Lead Generation process.

As stated before, the Lead Generation process is a crucial part of the Inbound Marketing practice. There must be some intended tactics to decipher the best result out of it as well. Below are those essential steps that you should follow in Inbound Marketing-

Search – An attractive online presence can enhance your visibility on the web. Alongside this, it brings forth your offerings to its destined audience. You have to have an SEO optimized and visually attractive portfolio so that visitors can quickly discover you online.

Call-to-Action (CTA) – Every online campaign esp. the Lead Generation, should consist of an apt CTA button. CTA should always be impactful so that it could push someone to make an action.

Landing Page – A Landing Page is somewhere where the visitor is led to click on the CTA. Thus, Landing Page should full of the vital info for which the person is visiting your website. A little deviation in information can make him/her close the window.

Offer – Offers are calculative Marketing moves for escalate sales. When you are showcasing some offers, make sure that your campaign and landing page both are rich with relevant and satisfying content that people are looking for. Remember that it’s only the content that makes an unknown visitor drop his/her personal information.

Lead From – Lead Form is usually kept technically embedded with the Landing page where customers leave their personal information provided they are interested in investing money in your product. Once the visitor fills up this form and hits the submit button, you gain a new lead for your business.

Utilizing multiple promotional channels rightfully adds to the entire process of Lead Generation. For that, you have to devise blogs, social media promotions, emails, and podcasts in sync with your ongoing promotion.

Processing and improvising these steps can increase your website traffic besides the Lead accumulation on your Landing page organically.

Final tips on the online Lead Generation Process

  1. Choose the apt tool for Lead Generation.
  2. Make your offers customer-friendly.
  3. Be consistent with your offerings.
  4. Select the right social media platform for your promotion.
  5. An attractive Landing Page and a hammering CTA are necessary for online Lead Generation and boost your web traffic.


Lead Generation is an essential part of online business promotion. Always remember visitors don’t like monotony. Thus, you have to keep your website content, Landing pages, offers, CTAs, and promotions engaging, updated, and aligned with the trend and changed user behavior.

To have an in-depth knowledge of the Lead Generation, it’s always recommended that you should join in practical oriented Digital Marketing course.