9 Best TV Remote Apps for Android in 2019

April 1, 2019

TV remote apps are not new anymore. They’re quickly replacing traditional keypad-based remotes. 2018 witnessed an increasing user adoption in this segment and the trends appear to be picking up the pace in 2019.

Here is a quick look on top nine TV remote apps for Android this year.

  1. Peel

Peel smart remote app is the most popular and widely used remote app today. It uses IR or Wi-fi technology to let you use your Android phone as a universal remote control to operate over 4,00,000 devices and appliances including TV, set-top boxes, media players, ACs, lights, media streaming devices etc.

Its TV programme feature shortens the channel navigation process, limits your screen exposure an ensure that you never miss your favourite programmes. It even records your preferences and offers you relevant recommendations in form of vibrant thumbnails on the home screen.

Peel Remote App is also equipped with intelligent voice-control capabilities that not only understand you but also the context of your voice command. Thus, even if you don’t know the name of the programme, you can input cues and it’ll come back with the closest options. This is currently

With volumes of benefits and continuous developments to deliver a superior user-experience, Peel TV app looks to continue topping this chart in 2019.

  1. Anymote

It’s another major remote-control app in the market today. Anymote comes closer to Peel with its wide range of remote-control functionalities. Similar to Peel, it also has an optimised interface for tablets.

It uses IR-blasters of the phone to enable your phone into a smart remote. In addition to TV, set-top box, lighting, sound systems etc, Anymote is also compatible with Amazon Echo and Alexa so that you can use voice input to control devices.

Additionally, the app allows you to automate several tasks and even create complex macros to run sequences and this delivers an enhance remote control experience.

  1. SURE Universal Remote App

SURE successfully provides users with an added value over its TV remote functionalities. Besides working as a universal remote for multiple devices, it lets you stream photos, audios and videos from your phone on the TV screen. You can even use the app to exchange files between the TV and phone.

It works well with Alexa and thus enabling you to operate the devices using voice commands. Interestingly, its backup capabilities ensure that you don’t have to configure your TV all over again when you replace your phone with a new one.

The backup capability is one of its major features. This means that with SURE, you don’t have to reconfigure your TV when you buy a new smartphone.

SURE primarily uses the IR-emitter in your phone to convert it into a remote. However, in the absence of one, you can use its Wi-fi to IR converter to enjoy the same features of the app.

  1. Unified TV Remote

This app can be a preference for users who are looking for the simplest way to control the devices in their living rooms. Not very rich in features, Unified TV Remote has rather easy navigation. It can control more than 80 popular devices and appliances including TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, media players and projectors.

Working using IR-blaster of your phone, the app is compatible with almost all the leading smartphone brands empowered by Digital Technology.

In addition to simplistic operation, Unified TV Remote app comes with an easy price tag and is more economical than most of the TV remote apps.

  1. MI Remote

No, don’t let the name confuse you. It’s not at all like the app only works with a Xiaomi phone to deliver the complete set of benefits. Mi Remote app can work with almost any phone with an IR-blaster.

It’s a multi-purpose remote app and is compatible with several devices including TVs, air conditioners, set-top boxes, DVRs, projectors, and digital cameras.  Moreover, it lets you control smart TVs that can accept commands over standard Wi-Fi protocols.

It makes channel browsing easy by providing programme information on the go and helping you switch channels faster than the traditional plastic remote.

  1. Asmart Remote IR

Asmart remote app already comes pre-installed in many smartphones. As the name suggests, it leverages IR technology to control a range of devices like TV, set-top box, projector, AC and even DSLR camera. Hence, Asmart is able to replace multiple remotes.

It shares a similarity with Peel IR remote app in terms of categorising devices by rooms. This means you can create different rooms for devices and switching easily between the rooms makes it easy for you to operate all the devices simultaneously.

Although Asmart remote offers several functionalities, the app makers may want to lower its complexity and give it more user-friendly navigation.

  1. IR Universal

IR Universal Remote is a free Android app which enables you to use your IR-equipped phone as a universal remote. Not only does it come loaded with interesting features, but it also allows customisation according to your preference. For example, changing button colour, positioning, background, text etc. You can also customise remote options and add vibration to the presses.

Additionally, the app lets you set up macros so that you can send commands to multiple devices with a single tap on the screen.

As it is for Peel remote control app, you can opt for the paid version of the IR Universal Remote app to avoid all in-app advertisements. The paid version also lets you create multiple custom remotes and widgets to make TV watching even better.

  1. Twinone

One of the free remote apps for Android smartphones, Twinone IR remote is able to control many devices using IR technology. It doesn’t have complex and rich functionalities as you can find in Peel or Anymote.  And neither is it able to control devices such as air conditioners. But its simple design surely offers easy set-up and convenient usage.

Twinone is compatible with several leading brands of TV and set-top boxes. However, it may not work with uncommon brands.

As of present, only the free version of the app is available which, of course, displays in-app advertisements. We can expect a paid-version of the app in 2019.

  1. Easy Universal TV Remote

Easy Universal Remote is one of the first Android apps that converts your smartphone into a universal remote. Like many other remote apps, it also works on IR capabilities. However, it’s one of the few apps that use the IR-port of the phone. However, if your phone doesn’t have one, the app can also work with the IR-blaster or even your Wi-fi network to deliver the same experience.

Although not as rich in features as Peel and Anymote, this app comes with all basic functionalities to control your TV and home theatre. It’s compatible with several new and old versions of smart TVs and more than 2,20,000 home theatres.

So, stay tuned! As it looks like, the number of Android mobile devices is only going to increase in 2019. Along with that, Android smart TV apps also look to find a lot many more users. If you’re still using the traditional remote, you may want to switch to the smart way of operating your TV and other smart devices. And Peel remote app makes the perfect choice for you as it has volumes of features to keep you hooked to the app. Besides, it doesn’t cost you a penny, unless, of course, you opt for a paid subscription.


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