1. HubSpot– It is a software platform that is almost free to use and allows the inbound marketing. The free version includes to build the email templates, shared a library of the sales content and Documents, Integration with Gmail and Outlook, Analyze the collecting leads. If you are completely new to the HubSpot, then the free version suits you the best. They are free to use and also there will be no hassle in the setup. Collectively, it is a good tool for the Lead generation and Inbound marketing.
  2. Sniply– May few of you have heard this name that is a tool allows you to build the custom Calls to Action (CTAs) and also it adds up to the content that you share. The page must support the iframes through which you can create your custom CTA button.
  3. If you are new to the Digital marketing, then this tool named Ampervize can give you a free report based on your responses that you gave by answering a couple of simple questions about your business details. You would be getting a decent amount of information and also the suggestions for improvement.
  4. Boomerang is a free app that is used for Gmail, Outlook, and Android with a variety of Email management tools that integrate easily with your inbox interface to add up the features like Email scheduling, Read receipts and Follow-up reminders. The most amazing benefit is it allows to schedule the emails for more opportune times. It allows doing the other work as well. By scheduling an email, Boomerang keeps me safe from forgetting some major details.
  5. For a great content, you could use Yoast content checker that is real time and gives you the most precise report with improved SEO content writing skills. All you need is to copy and paste your content into this online tool. You can expect the content to be analyzed for Focus keywords, Passive voice, longer paragraphs and also the Flesch reading test which are an important part for your ranking.
  6. Editsaurus– For writing the larger blocks of content, you need this tool that can highlight the problem areas like Adverbs, Lexical illusions, Filler words, Misused words, Passive voice, and Pronouns. It is great for identifying the Improper English and minor grammatical errors.
  7. Use Google alerts to keep yourself updates to a particular niche that can track all of the mentions of your brand or product on the website and Social Media. It is free of cost and set up the keyword alerts.
  8. Google page speed insights to get a real-time analysis of your website’s speed where Page loading time is one of the most responsible factors behind the Conversion and Bounce rates.
  9. If you are one that is fond of videos, then Wideo is the perfect video creation tool that makes you enable to create and edit the videos at no cost.

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