One of the most daunting aspects of SEO is link building. It has a massive impact on your site’s SERP rankings. When studying ranking factors we recapitulate link building is essential.

We believe Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways of efficiently improving traffic, sales conversions, and revenues on sites for businesses currently. If you offer high-quality content supported with appropriate backlinks then you’re all set to touch the sky.

Industries that are investing in SEO campaigns can earn links through content marketing.

For some content marketing means guest posting campaigns others use infographics or data-driven studies to build links.

Content marketing is a battlefield.

A lot can go wrong with it if you don’t follow the content marketing guidelines properly. You can approach this strategy to build links in numerous ways.

SEO professionals like Zubair Hussain Khan go about it in different ways. Their link building campaigns can be entirely distinct from each other.

However, if you’re not sure which content marketing is suitable for your business, don’t worry!

In this article, we’ll walk you through 8 ways to build links through content marketing.

Hold tight because we’re about to begin.

Let’s start with low-budget content marketing tactics

You’re a startup and you don’t have enough budget to spend on link building. That’s understandable. Let’s check some content marketing techniques that require a menial budget for execution.

Using case studies

Are you doing something exceptional?

If yes, have you ever thought about telling the world? Your customers love to know how you go about their work and people can learn a lot from well-composed case studies.

Once you start sharing your case studies on different social communities and within your business network, you’ll gain insights and it won’t be difficult for you to earn appropriate links from publishers.

Once your case studies are published on a reputable platform, you will see a massive increase in traffic on your business site.

Bonus tip: Produce case studies based on detailed and insightful data.

Experts contributions

You must have people in your team who are highly professional and expert in their fields. These are those valuable assets that you must utilize to run a successful content marketing campaign.

Only content like blog posts or infographics isn’t valuable. Experts and their opinions are also valued. Journalists use advice and opinions of professionals to add some weight to their content.

Try to connect with those journalists who are seeking a specialist’s advice and opinions.


Interviews can be time-consuming. Arranging them and pulling together everything is difficult. However, if you’re able to interview industry experts and publish them on your blog post, it will facilitate you in earning more links.

When you’re planning an interview, make sure to formulate those questions that your targeted audience might be interested in.

Ask them to share their expert insight, top tips, advice, and guidance on a particular niche. If you get successful in taking a top-notch interview outreach relevant publishers to earn links.

Don’t just try to contact the hotshots of the industry in the beginning. Start small but make sure to talk to specialists.

Long-Form Guides

No matter if you’re in the B2C or B2B industry, long-form guides can be produced and used to earn links from resource pages.

Do you know why you should use this content marketing strategy for link building? No?

Let us tell you why. When the content is longer it adds more value to the topic. It contains all that information that others also want to link their content/site too.

The primary step is to understand the pain points and queries of your targeted audience. Once you’ve gathered all the relevant information, form a proper guide to answer the queries of your audience.

You can post these helpful guides on platforms like Quora, AnswerThePublic, and Google Autocomplete. People visit these platforms to find solutions to their queries. Avail of this opportunity to gain links for your site.

The above content marketing tactics were low-budget. It’s time to look at some mid-level budget content marketing tactics.

Teaming up with other content marketing experts

If you want to earn links from a new set of audience. We suggest you plan on collaborating with other brands that run content marketing campaigns.

Let’s take an example: you’re running an SEO campaign for a car wheels retailer. Think of teaming up with a road safety fundraiser to raise awareness on the risks of using worn-out tires in your vehicles.

You’ll be able to throw some light on your expertise by stating the importance of using high-quality tires. Throw in some valuable statistics and incidents to add more value to your content.

Using infographics

High-quality infographics are great for gaining links. In recent years, infographics have gained a great reputation among people.

In today’s world publishers look for something that is striking and outstanding before even covering and linking out.

We suggest you create an infographic that is unique and full of knowledgeable content to prove to publishers that it’s a great asset and should be covered. It will be a fantastic way to build links in an effective way.

Local PR

No matter how well-known your brand is in the market, never turn your back on local PR.

Local online publications and local newspapers are great options to gain reputation and brand awareness. Contribute expert guidance and advice through regular newspaper columns.

Share industry-related stories and information to grab the audience’s attention. You can also share your success stories through local newspapers to encourage people to visit your website.

Try to contact industry-related local publishers for more local links.

Now it’s time to finally look at high-budget content marketing tactics.

Even if your business is doing pretty well in the industry still you need quality links to maintain the credibility of your website.

Below we’ve listed some high-budget content marketing tactics. Let’s look at them.

Seek expert advice to build your brand.
Do surveys to collect valuable data of customers and their feedback.


In the SEO landscape, content marketing strategy remains most effective if you want to build links.

Just remember one thing, add value to everything all the time.