7 Signs Your Firm Needs a New SEO Partners

August 1, 2018
SEO Partners

The easiest way for law firms to drive clients theses days is Google. Most of the legal advice that people take is through a search engine. The best SEO practice can have a huge impact on the business of the firm. And the second most option is when they visit a law firm’s website to take action. This is the reason law firms pay lot of attention to SEO. They invest heavily in their website and their SEO, but since they do not major in it, many SEO agents take undue advantage of them.

As legal space has become the most competitive vertical in SEO, the chances of them being under the wrong agents have increased. It is best for the legal firms to have little knowledge of SEO, this way they can understand the role and also the risk that they are open to.

If you already have a SEO agents, then here are 7 points that can help you understand if you need a new expert or not.


Passion for SEO

When you are hiring an agent for your firm, don’t just look at his website designing skill. What will increase your online visibility is not just the look and and feel of the website, but the drive that the agent has to take it places. Look for passion for SEO in anyone you consider for the role, they are ones that will truly help your firm.


Communication and expectations

Law firms would pay huge amount of money to the SEO companies. They get a screenshot of the Google analytics with lots of data mentioned on the charts and the graphs. The first way to manipulate the law firm would be the advantage of them not understanding what those charts and graphs actually signify. To be safe make sure that you have proper communication with your agency and that they also have a clear view on your expectations from them.



It is not just for the SEO agents that you must set a tracking. You care about the end result and you have to be sure if they would be getting it. But you cannot wait till the end to see if what you are doing is working out for you or not. Keep a regular check on the results you are getting and see if they are in your favor or not, if not, change it before its too late.


Content strategySEO isn’t magic, but if you pay lot of attention to it, it can wonders. Don’t just blindly fill your website with stuff. Optimize it properly, think about the USPs of your firm and focus on highlighting the points that can help you get a client efficiently on the website.


Link building

With so much competition in the legal market, you cannot rely only on the organic search to get you the clients. You have to build a strong online base for yourself and that can be done with the help of link building. However, link building can have completely have an opposite result if not done properly. So be sure that the SEO is in your favor.


Client education

All these points are necessary for SEO and the agency is very well aware of it. A good agency will always share their knowledge with their clients. When the information is shared, they both trust each other and with this trust they both work in a better way.


Conversion tactics

Whatever you do on the website, you do to get the leads are not converted, then you are not doing something right. You have to keep a check on how many leads you can convert, and if your agency is doing a good job then you wouldn’t have to worry about it.


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