6 Killer Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups

April 1, 2019
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Being a startup does not mean curtailing of ambitions. You can still thing big for your business even if budget is a constraint. Let the lack of resources not dampen the spirit of your enterprise when it comes to marketing. After all, the world has gone digital and money no longer is the only defining tool for staying ahead of the curve. There are a lot of different ways startups can try and market their products, services even without requiring much of money. You however have to be a bit receptive to new ideas, and the focus should be on leveraging the internet to the best way possible.

Let’s look at some of great marketing ideas startups –

  1. Look to engage with the customers – When your business is new to the industry, the first goal should never be on going all out to sell. Rather, you must look to engage with the customers, know the audience and understand their point of views. You can leverage social media and engage with the target demographic even without trying to sell.

This engagement should purely be devoid of any hidden interest, and rather done with the goal of providing support. You can share someone else’ content, comment on the posts, like their photos, offer solutions to their problem and so on. The more you will be visible to customers, the better it will pay in the long run.

  1. Carve a niche and establish credibility – lack of budget never comes in the way of carving out a niche for the business. Your business and trade and products must first be known to the outside world as only this can lay the foundation of sales in future. You can start a blog and share everything you want people to know about the business. A podcast or webinar can also help broadcast the vision of your business to the world.

You can attend some event, look to leverage the power of networking and share your expertise so that the audience can understand your business well. You can join some online forums and create buzz around the business in a subtle way.

  1. Publish your content – Your online presence is going to be the difference between a good and bad marketing initiative. Unless your startup is on the internet, how can people or potential audience find its content and understand its products or services? From a website to social media pages, from the blog to video content, there’s a lot you benefit from to publish the content.

Your content should reach to the audience, and you can use specific keywords to the niche and ensure that people are getting to know the business. You can benefit from social media, posts information about business, use a few SEO Techniques and rank your content well in search engines. The more your content is visible to the world, the better marketing results it will bring.

  1. Give out free e-coupons and discounts – Nothing gets customers as quickly into action as promise of benefits. Businesses big and small alike understand that psyche and make it a part of their marketing strategy. Even if you’re a startup with a shoestring budget, there are plenty of ways to give away coupons, discounts and free gifts to garner customer attention easily.

You can send e-coupons via mails and reach to the audience with some benefits. Even if you don’t have something substantial to give out, you can become a bit creative and offer things like e-cards, tickets of some show etc. and ensure value to the audience. The strategy of discounts and coupons never go out of fashion and being a startup you can leverage that fully and market your business easily.

  1. Use samples and giveaways – Startups won’t have it easy getting the attention of the target audience, as nobody has it easy. Unless they build a niche, their marketing strategy not be able to bear desired results. Their foremost concern should be on generating word-of-mouth by giving away free samples and giveaways. You can give out samples and ask customers to oblige in return.

You can ask recipients to write reviews or give their feedbacks on social media. This will also help generate positive vibe for your products which can bring value in future.

  1. Benefit from social media – Social media should be the way forward when you lack budget yet harbour lofty goals for the business. You can benefit from social media marketing by hiring an SEO company India and boost the presence of your brand.

Marketing on social media is an extremely cost-effective endeavour which you can benefit from and achieve business goals. You can share information about your products, services or look to inform the audience about any aspect of the business to win their attention easily.

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