Social media is a big hit, especially for millennials. The best part of engaging in social media is the opportunity to promote a business or product. To use social media to its fullest, using an audience tool or keyword will help you to make a better strategy for your business. Engaging with your audience will have a positive effect on your business.

These are the five social medial tools or audience tracking or keywords:


Followerwonk is an audience listening tool that is specific to the Twitter social media site. Followerwonk has an in-depth understanding of your followers, audience, and influencers. If you want to learn more about your audience and followers, Followerwonk is the best audience listening tool that is available on the market.


Hootsuite is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to monitor the activity of social media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkIn, WordPress, and Google+. Many people are using multiple social media applications for different purposes like business, entertainment, and blogging.

Hootsuite has a feature to set a schedule of posting and updating with multiple social media platforms. When using social media apps for your business,  you need to know what is the comments and reactions of your audience. The importance of social media tracking is to know how your audience reaction with your business and product.


Digimind is a monitoring tool that helps the business to improve its product or strategy. The Digimind has a feature that monitors the positive, negative, and neutral comments of the public. It allows you to perceive the view of the public regarding your product versus the product of your competitor.

Google Alert

The Google Alert audience listening tools are broad compared to other audience listening tools. The Google Alert was made to monitor what’s happening on the web content, not the social media platform. If you’re running a specific business, you can set a keyword alert for your business. You will get an update if a person searches your keywords on the web.

The advantage of Google Alert audience listening tools compared to others is the breadth of scope. Most of the audience listening tools are focusing on a social media platform. The best of having a Google Alert is having a multiple keyword alert.  You can monitor your services, competitors, product brand, and keywords. With a breadth of scope, you have a wide area for information gathering of your audience.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the best monitoring tools when it comes to a social media platform. The Sprout Social can offer you an analytic of data to improve the engagement of your social media. You can use the dashboard of sprout social to engage with your team. To gain more followers, you need to have proper engagement with your audience.


Social medial monitoring and listening tools are the keys to the success of your business. If you have information regarding your audience, you can adjust your strategy based on their wants and needs. You can target your competitor as well to get an idea of how they engage with their audience.