The Serpbook tool is among the most regarded SEO tools by site owners, for its effectiveness in monitoring and auditing a website’s performance on search engines. Ideally, there are so many SEO tools that one can use to remain relevant in the SEO world, but with SEO, tools are not nearly enough.

Knowing that SEO can be pretty overwhelming especially for first-time website owners, it is important t gather in as much information as possible about how the best practices of SEO and how to configure them to your website.

Quite in luck, this article will highlight the top 5 SEO tips that will make it work for your website so that it can complement all the other features of a great website:

Make your website easy to use

Give your audience an easy time to navigate through your website from page to the other. Ensure that the important features of your site are easy to find so that a user does not need to click the search button on your site to access important services or information.

This really directly translates to n-site optimization, which includes the following:

Readability – The content on the pages of your site should be easy to read with clear fonts that are comfortable for all types of readers. Use simple language that is easily understood by your target audience.

Mobile friendly – Always remember that not all your audience is the same and that most of them are likely to be accessing your site through a mobile device over a desktop computer.

Pageload – Be certain that your pages do not take ages to load because like the slow internet, slow loading pages are distasteful to both users and search engines.

Create social profiles

Social media comes quite in handy in complementing websites, so that they serve as the first interaction your audience has with your brand, and eventually, directs them to your site. For the fact that social media platforms are now being relied on as search engines, people are more likely to turn to social media first, and if you already exist, then they follow through to your website.

For your organic traffic flow, social media is highly useful, as well as relationship building which will set the pace in creating a loyal audience base for your website, which would otherwise be a lot harder to achieve independently from your website.

For the profiles you create ensure you provide concrete information, not too wordy, that explains what your brand is about, with a link to your website. Use this as an opportunity to capitalize on your specific targeted keywords.

Be sure to wisely choose social profiles that complement your website, but more importantly, those which your audience is more likely to be found on.

Tip: always include the social media icons of all the platforms you have profiles on so that your site is properly linked to your social platforms.

Provide high-quality value

Anyone, including yourself, likes to engage in matters that bring in value. Although it may seem that users have a lot of time on their hands, they still want a quality value exchange for their time. Give our audience a reason to stick around longer on your website by creating interesting content that captures more than just their attention.

Use your website to ass across valuable messages that evoke people’s emotions and result in high audience engagement, giving them more reason to revisit your website on an occasional basis. Let your content naturally and consistently flow, making your website rich with quality information.

Use appropriate keywords

Great content should be backed up by appropriate keywords which make your website easy to find on search engines. Your audience is not searching for your website by name, rather, for content that you are probably already sharing on your website.

Get into the mind of the users by using the words they would type in on search engines as your keywords, and be strategic and natural in their use.

Increase audience participation

Your audience is the reason you have a website, and the idea is to have as large an audience-base as humanly possible, which can easier be achieved through increased audience participation.

Create online forms like polls, as well as ask open-ended questions. Ensure you have open and clear call-to-action on your website so that people are aware of your intent with them.

A highly involved audience hints that your communication messages are a success, which should be your website’s main aim.

Not so hard, right? Take up all these tips and watch your websites performs excellently.