5 best stunning content marketing strategy you should follow up in 2020

April 27, 2020

2019 has seen a high graph curve for content marketing. And it is estimated that 2020 will take those curves to further high notes.

Earlier the content used to be for the sake of creating awareness among the people. But with respect to time, the whole concept seems to have changed. Along the time the marketers have come to one understanding that not every content is relevant for all audiences.

While targeting audiences with content marketing you have to be sure of one thing that is the content. You need to know what kind of content is resonating with the people or your targeted audience.

There are more than 7 billion people on the planet. You are surely not targeting them all. Hence, a more precise, technical, technological and digital-based approach will be far suited to target your audience.

The content needs to get better as the audiences are getting smarter and more efficient with the consumption of the content.

When content marketing first surfaced, it was considered to be in the experiment phase. But now, it is a proven fact that proper content marketing can do wonders for your brand.

With that being said, what is there in 2020 to look forward to?


  • Enhanced visual content


People are serf to high-quality visuals. If you are capable enough to serve them that, my friend you have won half of the battle. 2020 will most probably focus on creating high-quality visual effects for the content.

A study has been made that states that content having images are more effective than the content having none. People are more interested in images than boring text. No matter how good your content is until the audiences stop seeing your content, it is worth nothing. And to make audiences stop on their path, you need to cater to them the best of visuals.

Among the Z generation, who would be adults soon, social media platforms are one of the most visited platforms. And we all know that social media platforms are filled with delicious visuals that can intrigue anyone.

So, you have already got an idea who will be your audience in the next upcoming years. Hence, it is best to prepare yourself beforehand.


  • Visual story-telling


2019 has marked the beginning of the increasing popularity of the video. And this has led to the downfall of the text content. To cope up with the video marketing, content marketing also came up with the strategy of storytelling in their content with relevant supportive elements.

More than 85% of the total US citizen has passed their time watching videos on any medium. This shows how the audience’s behaviour is changing for the consumption of the content.

This made it clear that storytelling is very important when you are serving content to your audiences. Hence, if you can tell a great story with your content, then you have done half of the work.


  • Improve your E-A-T


Here E-A-T means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. One of the google updates on the webmaster central, highlighting the fact that the content should contain all the three factors mentioned above. However, most of the bloggers were doing the same thing without knowing it. But after the update, it made it clear that the content you are catering to your audiences should be authentic, original and of high quality.

How to prove your E-A-T?

  • By creating backlinks for the content.
  • By linking out to high authority sites.
  • By updating your site and content on a regular basis.

In addition, your content should be exceptional in a manner that stands out to your competitors’ content.


  • More personalized content


In a report of CMIs 2019 B2B, it was found that prioritizing customer’s informational needs over the sales messages was the right choice. This decision has helped many marketers to reap high profits. More than 90% of the successful marketers accepted that they followed the same method to stand where they are at right now.

The marketers are convinced now that building trust and relationships with their audiences are what matters the most. Once this hurdle is clear, everything will be smooth. And to do that, you need to be available for the customer 24x7x365, you must offer help, information, guidance so that they can be easy around you.

And we all know that the very first content that is capable of fulfilling audiences need is most likely to be raked at #1 on the search engine result page.

Now the question arises, how will you know what your audiences need? Well, the answer is very simple, you have to do deep-level research on your audience’s buying habits, behavior, moods that resonate with your buyer’s persona.


  • More prospective content


We have already stepped in 2020, but the need for prospective content is still in demand. This due to the fact that audiences are now asking for high-quality content. This has made all the marketers work really hard to create original and high-quality content. This indeed shows how content marketing is evolving. That too with a rapid pace.

If you really want to be a successful content marketer then you must start thinking about what kind of content your audiences need. In a study, it had been found that more than 90% of the marketer create their content as per their audience’s requirement.

Now the content marketing is one of the major aspects where most of the marketers are spending a fortune to make it successful. 2018 was the year that marked the start of the golden year for content marketing. That year was the first year where marketers learned the importance of content marketing and started spending money to create high-quality original content.

What the future holds for content marketing

The future of content marketing never looked as good as it has been now. The marketers are trying their best to make good quality content. Finally, they have realized the importance of building up good relationships with their audiences, and customers. The marketers are more focused on creating personalized content that is more suited to their buyer’s persona.

In addition, marketers are using all kinds of elements in their content to make their content much more appealing and engaging. Now the content is not being used as a tool to attract the audience’s attention but it has become one of the major strategies to engage with the audiences.

You can expect new, innovative, creative, compelling, aspiring, engaging content in 2020. I don’t know about you, but I am really excited to see new content this year.

Author bio:

Ariana Smith is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world through blogging. Ariana smith is associated with Follow The Fashion & the daily notes.

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