4 Little Explored Backlink Sources Which You can Tap into for SEO Benefits

July 24, 2018

As disclosed by Google and other major search engines, along with quality content, valuable backlinks play a vital role in deciding the authenticity and reliability of your web page in terms of search engine ranking. However, unlike olden times, the need is not for just increasing the number of backlinks, but you have to focus on the quality of the links and need to ensure that it is from reputable sources to gain the actual value.

Here, we have compiled four backlink sources as suggested by digital marketing experts, which are not explored in full by SEO experts but can surely give a significant advantage in terms of search engine page rankings if appropriately tapped.

White hat seo

You will not be finding things like the blah-blah guest posting or yawning blog commenting tips here. It is not about creating noise but focused on making your voice distinctly heard.

#1. Giving testimonials

No doubt that businesses of any size would love to propagate their customer testimonials. It can be an opportunity for you to explore a give and take an approach in case of backlinks. If you use any product or service which you love, do send them a testimonial. You can also inform them that they can put in their home page of the product page and to reassure the readers that you are a real person, you can give them consent to put a link to your website.

#2. Getting blogger reviews

If it is a consumer product or service which you try to sell, you can turn this it into high-value backlinks. Bloggers are out there who review every product they come across for their fellow readers to take insightful purchasing decisions. You can offer your product or service for free to these bloggers. You can search and find out bloggers in your niche and request them to include your product too in their review after a free usage.

#3. Reclamation of links

It is a simple approach but found to be very useful in terms link building. The process of link reclamation is as below.

At the first step, you can search for any mentions of your company or its products/services, but not have links back to you. You can use tools like Mention.net and BuzzSumo to find remarks about your brand or products.

Then you can try to mail that person (a blogger, site administrator, or a reviewer) with a gentle reminder as to add your link also to the mention they made, which will help their readers to navigate to the official page effectively. When people tend to mention you in a post, they like you and rather than sitting back and wishing if they could have been added a link, be proactive and prompt them to do it for you. A friendly e-mail as per the guide for real backlinks or message can do that wonder for you.

#4. Create a scholarship

In the current domain extension hierarchy, links from ‘.edu’ are super powerful, but how can you take the leverage of it if you are into a different industry which has nothing to do with education. This line of thinking has come with this excellent thought of doing something which university and institutions would like to link to.

That is where a scholarships play wonders. You can see how Chris Dreyer used a scholarship to build more than 90 .edu links from all top websites in this domain. Let’s see how to do this.

  1. Make a scholarship page


At first, you need to create a custom page to announce the scholarship with the specifications mentioned in detail.

  1. Find the .edu university pages which link to scholarships

It is not difficult as many universities are enthusiastic about linking to such academic relation programs by the corporate.

  1. Communicate with them

Once on finding such a scholarship page at the university or .edu sites which seem to be an ideal fit for you, you can prepare an e-mail content like below and send to them.

Hello (Name),

We are excited to inform you about the new scholarship we announce for school/college students.

The scholarship is named as (name of the scholarship), and it is aimed to help the students of (give a brief description of the scholarship objective).

We will be honored if you kindly add this notification to your scholarship page with a link back to the scholarship landing page from where the applicants can get further information

(Page URL)

Feel free to contact us for further questions you have and expecting the earliest action from your end.

Thanking you,


This approach can not only offer excellent SEO benefits but also can make you recognized as a socially responsible brand.

Along with this, you should also stick to the other link building strategies as responding to customer queries on public platforms with your links, submit your web pages to feedback sites, attempt ‘The Moving Man’ method, and do broken link building.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is a tech blogger cum digital marketing specialist who used to write articles on off-page and on-page SEO strategies. His guide for real backlinks is shared more than 1000 times on tech discussion forums.

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