2020’s Top 5 Trends in Technology

June 16, 2020

The wonderful thing about technology is that it is always evolving.  This year is no different as the following trends are something to look forward to. Let’s take a look at this list from Thesishelpers.com.

Human augmentation

Some say it’s the result of superheroes or perhaps the science fiction genre.  But even before, inventors have always been looking for ways to increase a person’s potential.

There are four general categories of augmentation: appendage and biological function, brain, genetic, and sensory. This year expect more industries to invest in augmentation to improve their workers’ capabilities (better communication, enhanced senses, or increased strength) or to keep them safe (outer protection).

Expect researchers to also keep working on possibilities to improve cognitive functioning and other mental abilities to better serve the workforce in the not-so-distant future.

Multiexperience Technology

As technological options grow, businesses want customers to easily access products and services on whatever gadget they are using at the time.  So if a person wants to order a burger while chilling at home, for example, they can do so using the computer, phone, smartwatch, or smart TV.

This requires the client’s account to be synchronized at all times (no need to log in again) and the application must be easy to use regardless of the device.  Customers also appreciate it when relevant promos are offered to them, so apps should be able to anticipate what the client needs.


It used to be that if you needed help for something technical – such as a statistical report or your own mobile game application – that you had to hire a professional.  But now, industry leaders are pushing for the common individual to have access to these things without necessarily studying to become technical experts.

User-friendly programs, tutorials, and AI-driven technology are allowing ordinary people to use these tools for themselves. This has given rise to new ideas that might not have come about if left solely to the “experts.”

Better Privacy and Accountability

Although phishing, hacking, and impersonation are major problems, the issue of privacy and accountability goes beyond that.  People want to keep their likes and dislikes private.  They don’t want companies to take advantage of such information or sell such knowledge to other parties.

Because of this, there are real movements now to improve transparency and traceability to assure everyone that personal data remains personal.


In connection to privacy, it can be difficult for customers or businesses to trust digital transactions.  There is always that fear that someone out there can alter a transaction (e.g. credit card purchase or bank transfer), making life difficult for the parties involved.

This is where blockchain comes in.  It’s a way for data about said transaction to be stored and safely distributed to many parties so that it becomes extremely difficult (some say impossible) for a hacker to alter it, making online transactions more secure in this digital age.


Whether you are a business or an end consumer, good things are happening this 2020.  Continue to stay abreast of these trends to make your life and the life of your customers safer and easier.

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