12 Proven Subject Lines That Will Increase the Open Rates of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

May 11, 2020

Email marketing campaigns are one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean their time is over. With the right subject lines, email marketing campaigns can still be very effective. Read on to find out about 12 proven subject lines that will increase open rates, drive more traffic, and convert more customers.

“Last Chance” Subject Lines

The purpose of last chance email subject lines is to instill a sense of urgency in readers. Try things like “This is the last chance to get a free copy of our eBook.” These subject lines work best when combined with a free gift, such as access to content, or a sale.

“Reason Why” Subject Lines

“Reason why” subject lines appeal to readers’ self-interests. Including a number in the subject line can help, since it tells readers that the explanation won’t be very long.

Personalized Subject Lines

Readers who see their names or other personal information in the subject line of an email will be more likely to open it. Just including the customer’s first name can increase open rates by 14%. Personalized subject lines can also be combined with other subject lines for maximum effect.

The Question

Instead of offering information, try asking a question to pique readers’ interests. For example, ask “Can you afford to ignore your roofing problem?” in an email about roofing services.

Breaking News

Have content to share that’s relevant to current events? Try inserting the phrase “Breaking news” before the subject line.

Make an Offer

Offer a discount code inside the email, then tell customers about it in the subject line. Something like, “Get 10% off all products with this coupon code – this weekend ONLY.”

Tell a Story

Stories aren’t traditional ads. They feel natural and engaging, and everyone loves them. Try turning the subject line into a story by starting off with “How I” or “How [Name]” before making a value proposition.

Create Mystery

Try to pique readers’ curiosity. This doesn’t have to mean asking a question in the subject line, although that’s a good strategy. It could also mean incorporating a spin-to-win game for discount codes, then using the subject line “Spin to Win.”

Mobile-Optimized Subject Lines

More than half of modern consumers check email on their mobile devices, not their computers. No matter what subject line business owners choose, it should be optimized for mobile viewing. That means using no more than 20 characters so everything will fit on the screen.

Subject Lines About Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff, so offering a free eBook, article, or anything, really, can increase opening rates. There’s no need to give away expensive products. Just find a way to include the word “free.”

Avoid All Caps Subject Lines

Subject lines in all caps look like spam, so most people ignore them. Rely on catchy language, not formatting, to catch readers’ attention.

Quick Greeting Subject Lines

Instead of using a traditional subject line, try using a quick greeting. “Hey, how’s it going?” is good enough to attract most readers’ attention and engagement.

The Bottom Line

Email marketing campaigns offer an excellent return on investment, but only if business owners follow best practices like those listed above. Catch readers’ attention using short phrases and try to make them feel special or like they have something to gain by opening it.

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