Innovation is definitely an appreciated concept in any business setup, given the many changes it can bring and have a positive impact. As you have thought of general innovation, have you thought about introducing some innovative ways in your SEO processes? SEO has come a long way over the years, and experts will tell you that creativity in every phase of SEO is what keeps their strategies succeeding. Here are ten of the most innovative ways you can implement SEO:

Improve User Experience

The audience is obviously essential to your business, which is why the happier they are, the better your results in SEO. For the most part, everything about improving the user experience of your website regards SEO. This includes maximizing the page speed, readability of copy, clutter-free site, high-quality design, and functionality, among others. Once you have this right, you should not have a problem ranking on top of people’s searches.

Competitor research

In matters of SEO, your competitors are your friends and not the enemies. Other than establishing a good working relationship with them, you can be creative with SEO to find out how you can outshine them in the race to being the top brand. Conduct competitor research and learn about their audience engagement techniques, their loopholes, and mistakes, their content themes, target keywords, among other details, and use it to better your site.

High-quality content

The nature of your material goes a long way in convincing the target audience to choose you over your competitors. If not for anything else, make SEO work for you in generating high-quality content. Mine for new and trendy topics to write about, but more importantly, master the art of proper content generation. This means free from grammatical errors, current and up-to-date, relevant and professional, well-written and thought-provoking.  you can use this free tool for quality content

DIY public relations

Today, public relations holds a respectable position in companies because how you relate to different people interacting with your brand has a lot to do with whether or not you will succeed. Ideally, with SEO, you do not need to higher and entire PR team to handle your relationships. Just from continuous communication on different social platforms, responding to feedback and remaining transparent and open, you can do it yourself.

Building your social following

Did you know that SEO could be all you needed to build a massive social following? Well, the kind of content you share, how regular you share it, and the nature of the relationship you uphold with the initial followers you have will slowly build up your following. While at it, be sure to strike conversations with as many people as possible, and get them talking a little more about your brand.

Ask questions

If you want answers on how to nail it with your target audience, ask the right questions. Use your social media platforms, your FAQ page, among other channels, to ask as many questions as possible. Ensure the questions revolve around understanding the needs of your audience and how you can gratify them.

Keyword research

Other than soliciting the use of keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, there are many ways to get on with your keyword research. For one, all the questions you ask are great pointers to relevant keywords. Consider also Google suggestions for your searches, upon which you can begin to focus on clusters of related words instead of single keywords.

Study your audience

The better you understand what your target audience is like, the better you will be at in generating content for them. Study their location, age, interests, and purchasing power before you start targeting them with your material.

Repurpose what you have

SEO may be about bringing in new changes that make your website fit for the interests of the audience and Google algorithm, but there is a lot of what you already have that can be useful. Repurpose your old material by improving it and making it evergreen. You can also repurpose your images by optimizing them, along with your website design, by tweaking it a little bit to befit your preference.

YouTube SEO

You do not have to remain stuck in figuring out how to go about your video SEO. Use YouTube to your advantage by ensuring you post all your videos on this platform, and only embed them on your website to share the traffic thereof.


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