Google Update Panda Prediction for 2018


Panda is the first update launched by Google which updates atleast once in a month. It will negatively affect the ranking of websites which are low in content quality.

Highlights of Panda Update:

  1. This update was launched by a Google engineer named Navneet Panda. Though, there are many rollouts of this update but the main the global effect was seen in April 2011.
  2. This update got continuous update to get rid of sites that forms with low quality content. Panda has removed nearly 80% of websites.
  3. This was launched on February 24, 2011 and aims to deal with website’s content.
  4. Panda uses artificial intelligence for determination of sites.
  5. 12% of Search Engine Result (SERPs) has been affected by Panda which clearly means 1 billion of searches are affected till date.
  6. If the update is targeting repetitive content this does not mean that your website can affected in a negative manner only. If you have quality content, the website will surely get a boost in ranking.
  7. Schema code proves helpful in telling the Search engine where the content is.
  8. Affiliate companies are about to target the mostly by Google Panda.

This update was further named as Panda4.1 rightly after the next update that was launched in week before 26th September 2014. A new chance for few and new penalty for others. The update becomes more sharper than ever after this update.

Update does not affect the webpages; it will be penalizing the website. The ranking of page can be decreased or may be excluded by indexing. Few or double content, no uniqueness in text, too many ads pages and excess use of affiliate links or plagiarism will be highly affected by Google Panda.

Hazards of Google Panda:

  1. Duplicate content
  2. Plagariased content
  3. Low quality content
  4. Spamming
  5. Keyword stuffing
  6. Poor user experience

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