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Free Facebook Advertising Coupon codes valid till 2018

By Yogesh Gaur on March 15, 2018

Facebook is a free social networking website that further allows the registered users for creation of profiles, uploading photos and videos, sending messages and staying in touch with closed ones. Site is available in 37 regional languages as per convenience. Facebook is launched on February 4, 2014 by its founder Mark Zuckerberg. It can be accessed by a large number of desktops, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones over the Internet. As of June 2017, it has 2 million active users.

Facebook has provided different promotions where they gave free Facebook coupon codes. Fb has more traffic and lower the click costs that makes it quite useful for all the advertisers to try for once at least.

Updated Facebook coupon codes valid for 2017-2018:

Brand new 2017 FaceBook coupon codes for $125 advertising credits for all new facebook accounts with our special link.

We are huge fans of the facebook system and are beginning to use it as an alternative for the other online ad networks.

Facebook coupon code: FB-YG1-LB

Visit to www.facebook/ads to start new code.

Save your money with these codes and get a visible boost for your page.

Facebook has more traffic and lower per click costs so it makes sense for all advertisers to try it out. You should try to use the CPM model to test ads, focusing on the image.

Facebook has recently announced its new update about Facebook Community Boostb that is a new program to help US small businesses in employment. 80% of US small businesses on Facebook says that the platform is helping them in local marketing. 42% of the newly hired peoples are due to Fb growth. Additionally, we are providing you a Phone number i.e., 011-42444034 to avail all the Digital Marketing Services.

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