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Digital Marketing

16 August 2018

Hiring a Professional Web Design Company Will Beat Doing It Yourself – Learn How

You may say, who requires the services of a professional web design company? Handling it on your own may appear like a simple task, but this is not so. You need to realize the significance of your ...

13 August 2018

SEO Interview Questions for the Beginners and 3+ years experience

SEO (Search Engine optimization) is and will always be an important part of the entire Digital marketing module, from content marketing to paid SEO serves everything, that too ensuring the website’...

8 August 2018

How Microsoft excel test help in Digital Marketing

While we look around for so many online portal sites where tons of potential candidates apply for the job role, when it comes to hiring for our own organizations there are tons of things on which w...

3 August 2018

Pros and Cons of WordPress Plugins

Being a blogger I tried almost every plugin where some proves them as a blessing and others as a curse. Few are over-equipped and some are just a waste of time. Having so many plugins usually make ...

3 August 2018

The unbeatable status of websites achieved through meticulous optimization

The internet is a roaring presence in today’s life. The booming sensation created by the cyber world regarding altering the focus area of business establishments is palpable. Previously offline str...

3 August 2018

Combine Content Marketing with PPC to Grow Your Business

Content marketing has taken the world by a storm. Today the biggest companies are investing heavily in content marketing. A study suggests that content marketing is over 62% cheaper compared to con...

1 August 2018

Stop Losing Revenue: 5 Strategies that will Help You Minimize Website Downtime

Building, maintaining, and owning a website is an ongoing journey.  After you figure out the right keyword strate...

27 July 2018

How to rank your site to Bing Search engine?

Google is the only name comes in our mind when it’s about ranking and traffic generation. Bing is the second most used Search engine and when it comes to realization, it can also give increase in t...

25 July 2018

eCommerce Shopper Pain Points: How to Avoid Them?

Online shopping is a booming market. Figures show that, in the US, consumers spent over $300 billion on online purc...

24 July 2018

Web Analytics vs. Web Design – A Few Little Insights to gain for Better Planning

We can see that some websites perform the best at Google Analytics and capable of showing a clear insight to the administrators about performance, whereas some other sites pathetically fail in it. ...

20 July 2018

How to improve keyword ranking in Google

Keywords are those search terms or phrases that users put into the Search box to get relevant results. Consider it as a compass that basically tells you where and how much to go.Factors to be t...

11 July 2018

How to rank your website higher in Google?

Every business owner dreams of ranking number one on Google or Bing and the reasons are very clear. There is an old SEO joke that says “The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google” an...